Book Review: Flawless


Flawless is the second book in the Pretty Little Liar series written by Sara Shepard. It’s as well written and full of gossip and drama as the first book.

The book starts off with a flashback so you learn exactly how they are involved in “The Jenna Thing” and you start to wonder if she is A. Of course by the end of it we are not really any closer to who it is.

Sara Shepard has a unique way of writing chapters by concentrating on one of the four girls POV at a time. You also feel you can relate to each girl even though they are so different. I like Aria’s kookiness and find I want her to be with her English teacher even though it is so wrong. You feel for Spencer being a top student but as she isn’t the eldest she will never be worthy in her parent’s eyes. Hannah with her weight issues you feel for her as each teenage girl finds her body changing. Also having the addition of her new bitchy step sister who is naturally slim making her feel unwanted by her Dad. Emily discovering she has feelings for girls and what this means for her is also handled well but doesn’t help A wanting to out her when she needs time to figure it out.

I found myself quickly finishing this book as I couldn’t wait to see what happened. They aren’t long books either and you wish they could have packed in more pages of drama of the liars.

I give this book 5/5


Book Review: Pretty Little Liars

This is the first book in the Pretty Little Liars series. I came across the series when looking at Gossip Girl books on Amazon.

At the start of the book we meet Aria, Spencer, Ali, Hanna and Emily. They have just finished their school year and are ready to all hang out over the summer. Ali comes across as the leader of the group, confident, good looking and popular who pucked the four other girls out of nowhere and became a gang. Even though they love her because of this they also hate her snide remarks about individual secrets each of them told her that she always seems on the verge of telling.

Ali decides she wants to hypnotize and starts to argue with Spencer which leads to her kicking Ali out. But when she regrets her decision she goes out to find her but she had vanished.

Three years later and she is still missing. Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna since drifted apart and have their own lives. Then they start getting weird messages from someone called A. A who knows all their secrets who could only be one person. Ali.

But it doesn’t make sense why Ali is stalking them. They were all friends so why would she treat them like this.

But the new family who moved into Ali’s house find something terrible. Ali’s body. Then they realise that it isn’t Ali sending them messages but someone else.

The Pretty Little Liar books aren’t long reads but you get through them fast as you can’t wait to see which secrets A reveals and what the consequences are.

If you like Gossip Girl you’d love Pretty Little Liars. Sara Shepard also has another series called The Lying Game. Both series have been turned into TV shows. I have the first boxset but I haven’t watched it yet as the TV shows are usually so different from the books.

I give this book 5/5 as I loved all the drama and teen stuff going on.


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