Book Review: Great Expectations


I have finally got round to reading my first Charles Dickens Novel! This was also partially inspired by watching the TV series Dickensian at Christmas and falling in love with Arthur Havisham (played by the gorgeous Joseph Quinn)

I did wonder if I would find it heavy going and difficult to read due to when it written but luckily I found it easy to read.

As you follow Pip’s journey through life from being poor to rich and somewhat poor again I would have hoped he would have made better choices with his money especially as Magwitch had worked so hard to raise that fortune for him.

I also hadn’t realised how small a part Arthur had in Great Expectations but I still relished reading about him though I would have liked reading pre his ill health.

Although Miss Havisham is alive for the majority of Great Expectations she still manages to act as a spectre over Pip.

I give it 5/5 and will be reading the rest of Charles Dickens work soon!


Book Review: Cinder


Now I was a little hesitant about trying this book. Cinderella being reimagined as a cyborg in an alternative universe sounds so bizarre but I stuck with it. Now I’m glad that I did.

In a way you need to forget about the original Cinderella because Cinder is one tough cookie who can look out for herself, even when her stepmother takes her leg away from her!

Marissa Meyer has managed to create a universe that you just want to learn more about. Especially how the people becoming cyborgs occurred! It also had a nice touch of romance as Kai finds Cinder intriguing.

Certainly will be reading the rest in the series!


Book Review: And Then There Were None


Yes this read was solely influenced be me watching the TV adaptation at Christmas for some shameless Aidan Turner drooling!

This was in fact the first Agatha Christie book I’ve read and I had worried I might feel dated given the era it was written in.

Her writing to me didn’t feel dated and even though I knew what was going to happen, Christie still managed to keep me in suspense. As with most books that get adapted there were more subtle details in the book and you really felt the tense build on Soldier Island.

In some parts it does feel a little rushed and so can’t give it full marks

I give it 4/5

Book Review: The Thistle and the Rose


As I continue to work through Jean Plaidy’s Tudor saga it is now the turn of Henry VIII older sister Margaret.

Just like other royal princesses, Margaret has no say of who she is to marry. When her father decides she is to marry the King of Scotland to form a political alliance, Margaret has to leave her family and be the wife of a man well known for playing the field with women.

What comes through in Plaidy’s writing is the Tudor spirit was well and truly with Margaret as well as her most well known brother Henry.

It is also interesting to read what was happening at the same time as Henry’s reign as his sister’s life in Scotland that felt in contrast a totally alien way of life.

You are also lead to wonder if Margaret’s desire for a divorce didn’t prompt Henry to want one. This shows the skill of Plaidy’s writing that she can plant such a seed in your mind

A very enjoyable read that deserves 5/5

Book Review: Mary, Queen of France


A book on a person that isn’t as well written about as the other Tudors, Henry VIII little sister Mary.

It was lovely reading about the close relationship shared between Mary and Henry so to see him not acting as tyrant was refreshing.

How Mary and her one true love, Charles Brandon manage to get together in the end despite her being married off to the King of France and Charles being forbidden by Henry to be with his sister, love conquers all and even though it costs them their places at court, they live happily ever after.

Another outstanding book by Jean Plaidy and rightly deserves a 5/5 rating!

Book Review: Lord Robert


Another excellent page turner by the best historical fiction author, Jean Plaidy.

Delving into the background of Robert Dudley’s troubled family where the sins of the father visit the son, in his case just escaping a trip to tower hill.

It was also the first book I’ve read about the reign of Elizabeth I. Hard to believe I know being a big Tudor fan.

It was interesting to read Plaidy’ interpretation of the death of Amy Dudley and the author note at the end explaining how she reached that conclusion.

Even though I knew Elizabeth never married it didn’t stop me having hope for them to end up together.

I will give Lord Robert the only rating I can for a Jean Plaidy novel 5/5


Book Review: A Woman of Substance

woman of substance

After having watched the TV production of A Woman of Substance I knew I had to read the book!

I have to confess I am a bit partial to a family saga and this certainly ticks all the boxes for what I love about them. A wonderfully woven family with Emma Harte at the centre.

You would be forgiven for thinking how could a maid go to be one of the richest women in the world. That’s the difference between just watching the TV production and reading the book. Emma is portrayed more selfishly on screen than in the book where she uses more market insight to get her to the top. Somehow Barbara Taylor Bradford makes you feel anything is possible for you to achieve.

You find yourself cheering alongside Emma as she takes more and more from the Fairley family that wronged her as a teenager. What the TV production fails to show is how Edwina grows more resentful to her mother than the other children. Even though Emma had done all this work through her life for her you feel sad that to save her daughter it cost her relationship with her too

I give this book 5/5

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