Book Review: Pigeon Pie


This book starts with a message from Nancy:

It was written before Christmas 1939. Published on 6 May 1940 it was an early and unimportant casualty of the real war which was then beginning

Sophia Garfield is trapped in a loveless marriage and when the Phoney War begins she decides to take action and help the war effort by joining a first aid post.

After finding Wigs On The Green very disappointing I was hoping Pigeon Pie would contain more of the Nancy wit I so enjoyed in her first two novels. The satire does work but for me it misses the mark a bit.

I also felt this novel should have been called Wigs On the Green as this is the headline used in the novel when Sir Ivor King’s body is discovered on Kew Green.

The only character I felt any kind of attachment too was Sophia. You want her to break away from Luke and be with Rudolph. She is also brave when it comes to dealing with the spies who have kidnapped her dog knowing one wrong move they’d put her down the main drain.

I give this book 3/5


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