Good Wife S1E2 Stripped

The courts have agreed to hear Peter’s appeal and his release is more likely now. Whilst Alicia is working a package arrives at the apartment addressed to her full of images of Peter with a prostitute. Zac and Grace open this package and decide to hide it from their mother so she doesn’t get hurt anymore than she has been from the scandal. Zac scans the images into his computer to study them and finds that Peter has been photo shopped into them.

Meanwhile Peter’s mother is trying to get Alicia to agree to taking Zac and Grace to the prison to visit their father. To try and help her decide, Alicia goes and visits Peter who wans to be forgiven for what he’s done. Alicia tells him she can’t until she knows absolutely everything that he’d done. We also learn that Will and Alicia went to law school together.

I do like how Alicia is sticking to her guns with Peter as how could anyone expect to be forgiven for what he did.


Good Wife S1E1 Pilot

The Pilot starts by introducing us to Peter Florrick who is doing a news conference announcing his resignation as states attorney in Cook County because of a scandal in which he is accused of misusing his power in office. Standing by his side is his wife Alicia. But when the cameras are off she hits him

Six months later and Alicia has had to go back to work whilst Peter sits in prison awaiting trial. It is not easy for her as she has been away from work for 14 years and the job she’s got is more of a competition between her and young lawyer Cary. She is trying to get back into work whilst shielding her children from another part of the scandal that Peter slept with prostitutes.

What I particularly liked about this episode was when she spoke to a client about getting through the day to day by not watching tv and wearing nice clothes for yourself you know she is telling her how she got through it.

Letter Z

letter z

Finally I have finished the alphabet!! Just got to cut up the backing paper for the album then it will be complete but the sewing is done and now onto another project

Until my next update… Happy Crafting!!

Letter Y

letter y

So Y is done just one letter left then onto my next project

Until my next update… Happy Crafting!!

Letter X

letter x

This is the first bit of sewing I have done since finishing Downton I’ve been able to share with you all. I have come back to working on the alphabets I need to finish for Christmas. Now I have done letter X there is only two left to sew which feels strange as I have been working on it on and off for a while now.

Until my next update… Happy Crafting!!

Gluten Free Pizza From Pizza Express!!

One food I absolutely love and can’t live without is pizza but being coeliac means there are plenty I can’t eat. But recently I discovered that pizza express do a gluten free pizza base so I was very keen to try it.

This is my gluten free pizza I ordered which was the four seasons


The pizza wasn’t easy to cut but they did provide me my very own cutter (is that what you call them?). It did taste like what I would say a real pizza and I was happy to go into a restaurant and be able to order something off the menu. Something I don’t get to do.

The only negative of the pizza was the capers. I have decided fish should never be on a pizza!!


Pink and purple blanket

pink and purple blanket

I know I haven’t done a blog post in a while but I have been working on some craft projects I can’t put up on here in case they see them. As it is still cold I decided to make myself a full size blanket.

I know it looks black in the picture but it is actually purple!

Until my next update… Happy Crafting!!

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