Finished Downton Christmas Picture

finished downton

Yes that’s right after several months of off and on sewing I finally finished it late last night! I have absolutely no idea what I will be sewing next though. Just need it to be framed and I’ll be able to see it properly in December.

Until my next update… Happy Crafting!!


Pink Galaxy Scarf

pink galaxy

This scarf is made of 2 balls of King Cole Pink Galaxy Wool. I used a 3.5 hook.

Until my next update… Happy Crafting!!

Book Review: 1st to die

This is the very first book I have read by James Patterson. Yes I know I’m very behind on his titles but I’m glad I finally got round to it.

1st to die is the first book written in the Women’s Murder Club. The WMC is made up of Lindsay Boxer a Sans Francisco Police Inspector, Jill Bernhardt a District Attorney, Claire Washburn a medical examiner and Cindy Thomas a newspaper reporter.

The book starts with Lindsay Boxer preparing to commit suicide as she places her gun against her head then she thinks back to what brought her to this point, The Honeymoon murders.

I liked the fact that you read from the killer’s point of view as well as those investigating the murders. Most of the book is from the point of view of Lindsay Boxer and how she investigates the murders and the relationship she develops with her partner for the cases, Chris Raleigh.

I don’t particular like books that have lots of detailed sex or gory scenes but this was at the right level for me. You know there is going to be not nice things going on when you decide to read a crime novel.

My only criticism is the twists and turns with finding out who was the killer. We know before Lindsay does that Nicholas Jenks didn’t do it as we read from the real killer’s pov but then when we go back to Lindsay it’s like for no reason what so ever she thinks they are wrong and starts to investigate again.

Even though it wasn’t perfect I will be getting his other titles and look forward to trying his Alex Cross series.

I give it 4/5

Book Review: The Seamstress

This is the first book I have read as a recommendation from the Richard and Judy Book Club. Being a crafter I had been intrigued by the title and I wasn’t let down.

The book is a historica fiction piece set in Spain, Morroco and Lisbon which starts just before the Spanish Civil War and ends as World War II is on. It’s about Sira Quiroga who’s mother is a seamstress which she goes onto learning herself. She’s engaged to be married and everything seems to be stable in her life until she goes to a typewriter shop and falls (quite instantly) for salesman Ramiro and without much thought to her poor mother who has been making Sira’s weddding dress or her fiancee she dumps him for Ramiro.

It was at this point I was going to give up as I didn’t like this sudden change of character in her. But I carried on and when Sira is left penniless in Morroco with a mountain of debt run up by Ramiro she becomes a seamstress on her own.

Reading about her starting up the business and cultivating clients was quite enjoyable to read. Her reunion with her mother was also touching as is her realisation of feelings for the man who helps evacuate her mother from Spain.

The problem I found with the book is how Sira goes from seamstress to spy. How she started off going back to Spain and overhearing information from the german wives I didn’t have a problem with. It was her trip to Lisbon that I found outlandish. Having to flirt and actually get an invite to a meeting Manuel has about tungsten which you can’t see him doing as he barely knew her. Although the scene where Marcus rescues Sira on the train from the assassins sent to kill her by Manuel was enjoyable.

In my personal opinion I think the book would have worked better without all the spy stuff and keep it about a seamstress living through Spanish Civil war and World War II.

I give it 3/5

Cross Stitch Cupcake #6


This is the sixth cupcake I have sewn from the cupcake series in World of Cross Stitching. I’m not sewing them in order

Until my next update… Happy Crafting!!

Blue and Black Galaxy Scarf

blue and black

This scarf is made from two balls of King Cole Galaxy Sapphire. I have used a 3.5 hook.

Until my next update… Happy Crafting!!

Cross Stitch Cupcake #5


This is the fifth cupcake I have sewn from the cupcake series in World of Cross Stitching. I’m not sewing them in order.

Until my next update…Happy Crafting!!

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