50th Post celebration: Story sneak peek

To celebrate getting to my 50th blog post I decided to share a sneak peek of some writing I’ve been doing. It’s still in the rough so please be gentle. As you can see I’m not sure what decade or century to place it. I’m sure that there will be 50 and more posts after this but I’m so happy to have reached this one in a short space of time. I never thought I’d get past the first post!

Feel free to comment and critique

I looked out of my carriage and sighed. New town, new house, new everything. A month ago my parents had been killed in a tram accident and I been sent to live with my guardian. My Dad’s friend Mr Henry Phillips. Henry Phillips is a nice enough man but he had the tendency to bore me to tears with his work at the bank which he liked to talk about to my father on his many visits.

Now I’m destined to spend my days in the country. Not very stimulating for a 19 year old used to city life and the socialising it used to bring. I had promised my best friend Aggie I would write constantly. I could picture it now, Dear ggie did nothing todat.

As the carriage pulled up in front of a large building I was helped out. “Welcome home Amelia” I sighed.

I was greeted by henry Phillips and his wife Dora. “My dear Amelia welcome to our humble abode!” Dora cried and hugged me. Hardly humble judging the size of the place. “Now we’ve organised a little get together so you can meet some of the local people who are our friends and neighbours but first Henry would like to have a discussion with you” “Of course Madam” “Madam is so stern amd formal please call me Dora” “Yes Dora” I smiled. I’m glad they didnt want me to cal them Ma and Pa.

Henry took me to his office where all the furnishings were expensive and plush. “My darling I know you were hesitant about joining us feeling more than capable to take charge of your life being 19 but 21 is the age the law recognises so I hope there is no resentment” “The only resentment I hold is for the man who caused the tram to crash” Henry lowered his head a moment. “Fair enough. Now this is only a brief discussion about finances and your future. Have you any strong feelings on these matters?” I blushed. Father had only just been looking for matches for me and I didnt like any. “I can see this is not going to be a light subject so lets leave it for now so you can join the party”

Once I had quickly changed out of my travelling outfit I was escorted by Henry and Dora into the hall where I was introduced to many of Henry’s banker friends who were just as dull as he was and tearful women who never knew my parents but all had something to say. i’m going to have no tongue left to bite at this rate. But the very last person I was introduced to was different.

“And finally this is John Jasper” I waited to be informed of his job title, relative to someone supposedly important but none of this information was given. I held out my hand and smiled he took my hand and kissed is gently. “Dear God” Henry muttered “Lovely to meet you” I grinned and actually mean it. “Lovely meeting you too” he just about managed to say when I was dragged away from him.

An hour of listening to particular dull groups conversation I turned and saw John Jasper sitting very much away from most people. “And does John Jasper work in banking with you?” I asked. A great deal of choking on drink and whispers ensued. “No he doesnt exactly belong to our group” the dulldrum I’d ask replied “Then many I ask why he is here as neither Henry or Dora remarked on his occupation” “Gatecrashing most likely. He is local. A lot more local than many people would like”

When I had been naturally excluded from their conversation as they gradually realised I didnt know the bankin world intimately I made my way over to John Japser “Hello” He looked up and looked a bit suprised “Umm hello miss” “Please call me Amelia may I sit” “Of course. I’m surprised you’d want to” “Well I can see we have something in common” “What’s that?” “We’re both outsiders” He smiled “Outsider. Yes I guess thats what its called” He had a lovely smile. One that looked not often used. “They thought you gatecrashed” I teased “You wont say anything will you?” teasing me back. We both laughed. “So come on what do you do?” I asked “I used to teach” “Why dont you anymore?” “Cant teach if you have no students” “Maybe you’ve found one” For a moment the idea lingered in the air between us. “Amelia! Amelia! The guests are leaving come and say goodbye!” Dora called “To be continued” I said as we both got up “I cant teach you miss” John Jasper said making his way across the room where the others gathered to say farewell. I dashed across to keep up. I had to know why not. “Why?” “I’m too dangerous. Farewell” He nodded his hat to me and left. “Well who let him in?” “I dont know but mark my words when I find who did I’ll have their guts for garters!” Dora and Henry argued as I watched John Jasper disappear into the night.

As I lay in bed that night I was concocting a way I could gather more information on him but that wasnt half as important as seeing him again.

“Dear Aggie Just as I thought there are some rather dull people out here but tonight I met a gentleman who held my interest. It appears society has excluded him here and I’m determined to find out why”

I smiled as I reread my first correspondence to Aggie. Yes I would give myself this intriguing mystery to stimulate me. Sleep wasn’t a problem as the tiring journey worked its magic for me to sleep.


Until my next update… Happy Reading!!


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