Blog Birth Announcement: Musings of a Redhead

This morning a new blog was born, a sister to The Redheaded Stitcher blog.

Musings of a Redhead I have created to contain all my musings on books, writings and TV recaps.

So if you are a follower of this blog because of my book reviews etc then I suggest you go to

I decided to do this as this blog is meant to be about my craftings and as my audience is 50/50 craft and writings

All of my book reviews I have posted here are on that blog now and tomorrow there will be an attempt at my first blog essay!

Hope you all find yourself on my new blog at some point.

Happy Blogging!!



Book Review: A Clash of Kings

So after the extraordinary start to the song of ice and fire series by George R.R Martin we start his next masterpiece with a variety of men claiming to be king. This can only mean one thing. War.

One persons story who does have a valid claim to the throne is greatly reduced in this book, Daenerys. After going from little girl to woman in Game of Thrones she comes off in Clash of Kings as a sulky child who thinks she has it all when really she has nothing to barter with. The birthing of her three dragons should have transformed her but instead it stunts her. I had high hopes for and I hope in the next novel she pulls herself together.

Arya goes on an extremely varied journey in Clash of Kings. After having witnessed her father’s death she is rescued by a member of the Night’s Watch who cuts her hair and informs her she is now a boy and is to travel with the other new recruits of the Watch and she will be able to get to Winterfell. This doesn’t quite go according to plan. I felt that Arya and Daenerys somewhat changed places in this novel as it was Arya in Game of Thrones acting up but she really does show her wolf blood by saving the three chained Watch recruits who in turn thank her by granting her three deaths of men who make her life misery at parental.

Robb Stark is mentioned a bit as he is off fighting and winning battles. It would have been nice to have had a few chapters from his POV now his father is gone and he is King of the North.

One thing I never expected was to feel sympathy towards Tyrion. Although it was never proven he sent the man to kill disabled Bran with the valkyian blade that injured Catelyn’s fingers. His actions still made my skin crawl so when he is badly injured on the bridge of boats I genuinely hoped he would recover and build a sort of life with Shae. For all his faults there is one thing he did out of love. He transformed Shae from whore to woman. Something she isn’t fully aware of.

Some of my feelings of others characters remained the same such as my detest of Joffrey for killing Eddard. Joffrey is such a horrible character and the way he treated Sansa who is so good and pure really made my blood boil especially as he has no right to the throne, being born out of incest of Cersei and Jaime.

So onto the war. The main war was fought out between Joffrey’s and Stannis’ armies. There is for a while Renly in the war but he is dispatched by the Red Priestess used by Stannis. So Stannis takes to the seas and has a long bloody battle but eventually they have to yield as Joffrey is joined by Tywin Lannister and the two forces annihilate Stannis’ who we are not sure if he is alive or dead.

We know from Game of Thrones that Theon Greyjoy is a ward of the Stark’s which is, in his case, a nice way of saying hostage. He returns to his father after ten years of being away and finds he is no longer welcome. Theon to regain his rightful place as heir of the Iron Islands decides to take Winterfell. He is advised against this as his host is too small but carries on regardless.

One action of Theon’s shocked me so much I had to choke back tears. I was so horrified at reading about the deaths of Rickon and Bran. I could not believe that George R R Martin would do that to two beloved innocent characters trying to survive the repercussions of events happening miles away from them. The final chapter made me cheer knowing that Theon hadn’t done it but I still hoped he hadn’t survived the attack of Winterfell.

Jon Snow spends the novel travelling to find wildling which him and his brother’s from the Watch find. Although yielding in the end is his only chance of survival I was disappointed in him. Mainly because I hoped there would be a bigger battle between the Watch and the Wildlings.

I give Clash of Kings 4/5

How to make a lavender bag

You do not need to be the world’s best sewing machinist to make these bags. They can also be made by hand sewing them.

What you will need

  • Fabric of your choice (any colour or design it’s up to make them as funky or traditional as you want)
  • Dried lavender which you can buy from a variety of places online such as Amazon (You may find some from a shop retailer)
  • Lace edging which makes for a nice finished look to your bag available from any haberdasher
  • Ribbon which again available from any haberdasher

Step one: Preparing your bag

Cut your material into 4 inch squares then decide how you want your bags to look. Do you want the two sides to be identical or do you want to use two different materials for one bag? The choice is yours

Now choice the lace you want along the top of your bag. Cut it so it’s the right length along the top of the two squares.

Now pin it together. You would pin it even if you are hand sewing so everything stays in place

Step one lavender

Step two: Sewing up

Now sew up the seam between the two squares and then sew along the top of the two which also sews in the lace. Now to turn it into a bag you need to join the two edges of the two squares.

It should look something like this

Sewn up bag

Step three: Adding lavender and ribbon

Take your dried lavender and fill about half of your bag. Don’t feel you have to make it overflowing as it will lose its dainty feminine look. Too much lavender might spill out on people’s clothes if they decided to use them to scent their drawers.

Now choice the ribbon you want to tie the bag with. This is your finishing touch so try to find one that compliments the lace and the material. If you don’t have one that achieves that then one that goes with the lace is the one to use.

Your finished bag should look something like this


Let me know if any of you decide to try making these

Until my next update… Happy sewing!!

Cross Stitch Teddy Bear Cushion

Teddy cushion1

Here is a cushion that my Mum helped me finish tody. The sewing I had done a while ago when I was going through a Teddy Bear phase but didn’t know what to do with it. As it was stitched onto an afghan square it had to be turned into a cushion and finally now it has!

Teddy cushion2

It is a Teddy Bear from a series of charts I can’t recall the name of but there is a different bear for each month of the year.

Tell me what you think

Until my next update… Happy Crafting!!

Mama’s got a brand new bag!

Mum's bag

This is a bag my Mum crocheted using what you could call granny diamonds to do the design. The handle has also been crocheted but just in black which I think makes the diamonds really pop! All that is left to do is the lining of the bag so nothing drops through the small holes created by the crochet.

Tell me what you guys think

Until my next update… Happy Crafting!!

Something that we all want to add to our blogs

Beautiful Kayekie

How to create a blog header

Welcome to a tutorial on how I created my blog header for free, part 1. There’s a thousand different ways to create that special header just for you, and this is just one step by step guide. It’s designed for beginner to experienced bloggers who are on a budget but still want something unique. Absolutely no Photoshop needed. I was a complete novice when I first created mine after all! I love sharing what I have learned, so I hope this helps you create something you absolutely love. Happy creating!

Dont forget: If you get stuck, I’m happy to help. Leave a comment below and we will figure it out!

Step 1 (optional)

1 – You may skip this step if you already have the font you want, installed on your computer.

2 – If you DONT have a cool font but want one, I highly recommend It is a library…

View original post 859 more words

Downton Christmas Picture Sewing Update 3

I know it’s been a long time since my last sewing update but I was busy with Christmas and New Year. Also the week coming up to Christmas I had a bad cold so couldn’t do any sewing which caused me to lose a sewing contest with my Mum who was doing an equally sized project.

This is her finished sewing
Mum sewing

Below is my sewing which you can see still such a lot left to do. I haven’t even started the right side yet!


I had also started a birthday card that was a free kit with one of my magazines but I didn’t like how it turned out so I binned in. I do hope to finish this Downton picture by the end of the month!

Until my next update… Happy Crafting!!


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