Why everyone should make new year resolutions

Life is short. There is no easy way to swallow that bitter truth. This came home to me last year when two close relations passed away. What surprised me was the sudden shockingly feeling of emptiness inside myself. I felt as if I have not made a real achievements in life and then the thoughts of is this it for me? Kept bugging me.

Then before I knew it New Year was coming up and I thought I would grab life with both hands and make some new year resolutions that when 2012 came to an end I could look back and hopefully some of this emptiness would subside. As I was keen to know what other people thought of new year resolutions I decided to ask some people but disappointingly kept coming across a brick wall. They all said no and when I asked why it was because they knew they wouldn’t keep them up.

I had in previous years made resolutions and failed to keep them up but the ones I made a year ago I have achieved all three of them!

My resolutions were:

  • Write in my diary everyday
  • Do some bigger sewing projects
  • Complete a piece of writing

Writing my diary I found extremely therapeutic coming to terms with my losses. I had told myself it was ok not to write all the entries on the exact day incase I wasn’t in the mood. If this occurred, which did happen a few times, then I was to write it the next day so I wouldn’t fall too far  behind. I also now have a record of my life I can look back on.

2012 diary

2012 diary

I have always been meaning to make a start on some big projects of cross stitch but I have mostly stuck to card sized ones. This year I had my room redecorated and ended up with empty walls. This forced me to get my needle out and start to fill my walls again. There are three big pictures I have finished this year. That is on top of one full-sized blanket, two lap-sized blankets and a Moses basket blanket.

The complete a piece of writing was the most challenging and I knew that when I settled on achieving it this year. What I had hoped to do was write a whole story but what happened instead was I have started two stories. One of which you can read on my page Devil’s Assassin and the other I’m still typing up. What it did lead me to do is start this blog and I found I was completing a piece of writing every time I wrote a blog post, a diary entry or book review. This one resolution I have found is all to do with matters of perception

So why should everyone make a new year resolution? Granted not all of you reading this will be in same boat I found myself in last year. But if you do make some and you achieve them, the fulfilment you feel is immense and you feel you can do anything.

But how do we get over conditioned response that if we make them we won’t manage it? The key is baby steps. We all have good intentions of getting fit and giving up smoking. There is nothing wrong with these goals but they are ones people mostly give up trying to do as the goal is too big. Instead look upon them in bite size pieces. Look at cutting back by one cigarette a day for the whole year. What we fail to remember is cigarettes are made up of drugs, which never should be attempted to quit by going cold turkey. Getting fit on the other hand is a very vague one to have. Because of this, coming back to my earlier point of matters of perception makes it possible for you to intercept it in many ways. Adding in a regular walk, trying new sports as part of the Olympic legacy or cutting back slightly on chocolate. Hard I know if you got given tons of the addictive food stuff for Christmas!!

So if there was one new year resolution I would suggest. It would be keeping a diary. Have you ever tried to remember what you had for Christmas or Birthday five years ago? Ok so it won’t help with that now, but by keeping one you have a record of your life which your grandchildren would want to read, You never know you could be next Samuel Pepys or Robert Shields. It may even give you an idea for a novel to write. But diaries don’t have to be just pages of writing. You could do a sketch a day if you are artistically inclined.

My new year resolutions for 2013 are:

Not to buy anymore paperbacks. I have a Kindle and I am running out of space for anymore paperbacks. They usually end up at some point cheaper on Kindle anyway so I will be saving some money

Fill one wall of pictures in my room. After doing the three big pictures this year, I am half way to filling my biggest bedroom wall. I know what pictures I want to add in so now I’ve just got to knuckle down and do them

Write my diary everyday. I will be keeping this resolution every year. I have at some points this year looked back to the start to see how far I’ve come in a short space of time. I know I will end up looking at parts of it in 2013 and beyond.

I hope this has inspired at least one person out there. I know I can feel the buzz of possibilities being born from every view this post receives.

Until my next update… Happy New Year!!

I hope I have inspired at least one person with this post.


Merry Stitch-mas

I hope all my lovely readers had a good Christmas. I did myself and was lucky enough to be given a sewing cabinet

This is how it looked on Christmas Eve waiting for me in my room which I had to wait till Christmas day to open

cabinet before

And this is the cabinet once I’d ripped off the paper. Three of the drawers are specially made to hold my DMC threads

cabinet after

In the bottom drawer look what I found!!

kits from mum

A kit of Henry VIII with all his wives which I have been after something like it for many years as I have always liked the Tudors. I’m not sure where it will go when I finish it. The other kit is a Beach Hut one which when finished will go on my Beach Corner

I also had some mini kits from my best friend for Christmas

mini kits

It looks like 2013 will be a busy year of sewing for me! I’m still working on the Downton picture which I fell behind on as I had a cold over the week coming up to Christmas.

Until my next update… Happy Crafting!!

Sisterhood of the world bloggers award!!


This was an amazing Christmas present to receive, a new award!!

So here are the rules in case anyone reading this needs to know them for passing it on:

1. Thank you person who gave you the award. This is manners after all guys. We should never take our blog followers for granted

2.Post 7 things about yourself. My 7 things are below

3. Nominate 7 other bloggers for the award and let them know they got it because otherwise they may not realise. My 7 nominees are also listed below

4. Include the award image in your blog post. This is at the top of my post

My award was bestowed upon me by Avis at Oh Sew Tempting. Avis and I share a passion of crafting and sharing on our blogs what we craft. What I especially like on her blog is her quilted patchworks that she does. That is one craft I have not tried yet and I can only hope that anything I quilt would look anything like hers. Thank you Avis xx

Right so here are my 7 things

1. I am a redheaded (shocking isn’t it!!)

2. My favourite colour is purple

3. I am passionate about music. I always have to have some on whilst I’m blogging or gaming but not reading as I need to concentrate

4. My favourite animal is Owls which many of you might have already realised what with some of my sewing recently

5. My favourite TV show is Hill Street Blues. An absolute classic from the 80’s which set the benchmark for many of our recent cop shows

6. My favourite film is The Lady Killers. This is the original Ealing one with Alec Guiness, Herbert Lom and Peter Sellers

7. My favourite game is Fallout New Vegas. Something I seldom talk about on my blog is my gaming habit. I know a lot of people regard Fallout 3 as the better of those two games but to me that one was the best with all the quests and factions

And the nominees are:

Hannah Ackroyd
Owl a day
Craftaceous period
Word by word
Stitch sharer
Adrea in wonderland


Until my next update… Happy Crafting!!

Christmas Crochet Complete!!

Finally I have finished my Christmas presents for this year. The blanket below is for my Grandad.

g blanket before

This is how it looked before I finished putting it together and bordering it today.

Below is the finished blanket

g blanket complete

Now what shall I make for next year??

Until my next update… Happy Crafting!!



Downtown Christmas Picture Sewing Update 2


As you can see I have made a bit of progress since the last sewing update. This project I can tell is going to take me a few months as there is so much detail. But it will be finished and framed ready to hang next Christmas.

On other cross stitch news I have treated myself to a subscription of World of Cross Stitching as it is one of my favourite magazines and I’m enjoying collecting the cupcake series. You will see the cupcakes as I work on them, when I decided on what I will do with them all as there is 10 so far.

Until my next update… Happy Crafting!!

Book review: Game of Thrones

This book is the first of the epic Song of Ice and Fire saga. I have found it extremely hard to fit it into a genre as there are some aspects of fantasy but I didn’t think that is right for Game of Thrones as we aren’t talking anything like Harry Potter’s magic and wizardry skills. The fantasy aspects I found are discussed in more of a fictional religion.

Another genre is Historical Fiction. You feel you are reading an epic book about battles and wars that happened around the times of the Normans. But it is all fictitious so it can’t fit in there. So I have decided it’s a new genre (and if it already exists I’m sorry I didn’t know) called Historical Fantasy.

In the back of the book there is a very handy listing of characters and how they are related in their relevant households as I found I kept getting confused with names and who have alliances with.

We are first introduced to the Starks. Eddard Stark is the Lord of Winterfell and he lives with his wife Catelyn Tully and their children: Robb, Bran, Sansa, Arya, Rickon and his bastard child Jon Snow. Eddard is extremely close to the current king Robert Baratheon and is offered the role of the Hand of the King as his previous one has just died in mysterious circumstances.

This introduces us to Robert Baratheon’s family. He is married to Cersei Lannister, who is having an affair with her twin Jaime. This appears to have been going on for many years and he is the biological father of Robert’s children: Joffrey, Tommen and Myrcella. We learn of the affair between Cersei and Jaime through the eyes of Bran who liked climbing up the towers and spotted the pair having sex. When they realised they had an audience Bran loses his footing and falls so badly he can never walk again.

Eddard Stark’s bastard son Jon Snow is taken away by his uncle Benjen Stark to go and become a member of the Night’s Watch. The training is hard and it’s a tough way of life but Jon rises to the occasion and helps fellow rookies in training. Once a person takes the black they must remain on the wall for the rest of their life. If they leave they pay with their lives.

We are also introduced to the family who previously ruled, the Targaryens. The king before Robert Baratheon was Aerys II of Targaryen, who was killed by Robert and his son and daughter remain, living in exile who are Viserys and Daenerys. Viserys is doing all he can to try and get back the crown what is rightful his which leads to a horrific scene where he is given more than he bargins for in a crown. Daenerys is forced by her brother to marry Khal Drogo who is the leader of the Dothraki as he wishes to use them to get back what is rightfully his.

The one scene that really got to me, you could say made me weep, as the one at Winterfell where Bran and Rickon learn of the fate of their father.

The books climates with the revalation that once all the battles are fought in this book Westeros now has Four Kings. You could say a Clash of Kings which happens to be the title of the next book. This book has everything you could possibly want in a start of a epic fantasy saga and leaves you hungry for more. I will certainly be devouring the rest in the series!

I hope I did OK with this review. It’s not an easy book to review as there are so much going on and it’s a big book too!

Until my next update… Happy Crafting!!

First Christmas Present Blanket Complete!!

Yesterday I decided to pull my finger out and get on with finishing the blankets I’ve been working on as Christmas presents.

This is how it looked this time last year before I did the finishing

blanket before

Below is what it looks now. Finished and ready to be added to the other presents I’m giving my Nan this year. I could have finished it yesterday but the sewing up and bordering is my least favourite part of crochet. For me it’s up there with outlining cross stitch!!

Finished Blanket

So on to the next blanket… Yey!

Until my next update… Happy Crafting!!

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