Summer Owl Complete!!

I know I haven’t done a post in a while but that is because I’ve been busy going to concerts and finishing this fab owl!

Just two more to sew to finish the picture!

I’m not focusing so much on my Xmas sewing as I was getting stressed out over it. Sewing is a hobbie not a chore!!

Until my next update… Happy Crafting!!


My brand new sewing basket!!

Look what I treated myself to in town!!

I have been looking for a new basket for a few months now but none of them were really me till I saw this one!

I couldn’t resist having a Popcorn Bear sewing basket as I have a number of kits with him and his gang on them. So now when I do my sewing I get to look at the cute Popcorn, Biscuit and Souffle all the time.

I just hope all my bits and pieces from my old box fits inside!!

Until my next update… Happy Crafting!!

Feeling hungry??

Here you are, have some bread. Or not, actually I crocheted it!

I was inspired to try the chart in Mollie Makes although mine hasn’t turned out exactly the same as my slice is smaller because of the hook I used and my tension. I also haven’t bothered with the jam splodge (couldn’t think of a better word!) because to me it just looks like a flower on top of a slice of bread.

So maybe someone will end up with a bread scarf?

Until the next update… Happy Crafting!!

My first flower!

I’m so proud of myself crocheting a flower from watching a video on the making spot.┬áNow I just have to decide what I can use this skill for, maybe sewing them onto granny squares for a blanket.

It’s the first time I have crocheted something that isn’t a scarf or a square for a blanket so instead of making yet another scarf for certain family and friends they will be getting a crocheted garden instead!

Until the next update… Happy Crafting!!

Summer owl and Xmas Stitching Update 3

Before you guys start thinking I’ve done a lot of sewing as my last update I had the letter K. Well actually I have only done one more letter since the last update it just happens that the pages with the charts go across two pages and instead of doing them in order, I’m just working through a page at a time. So unfortunately i haven’t kept up my one letter a day as I have been ill for the past week and had to give my eyes a rest.

Like my last post haven’t had chance to do a lot of work on the owl again being ill and the Xmas sewing.

So now I’m really not sure if I will finish my projects in time now but I will try to catch up. I may have to crochet a few things instead which won’t take as long. Oh well 76 sewing projects to go!

Until the next update… Happy Crafting!!


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